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Can I rack up on your...

48, Media exec, Mum of 2

I was enjoying a casual night out with some friends at my local pub and bumped into a male mate of mine. We were introduced to his (handsome) friend and then I needed to pay a visit to the bathrooms which were unisex. As I was about to enter the cubicle the guy I just met at the bar grabbed my hand and pulled me into the toilet with him and locked the door. Before I could protest he pulled out a bag of cocaine and asked (Quote unquote) “Can I rack up on your tits?”  Me thinking: “ WTF?? NOOOOOO!!!!!! WHAT IS HAPPENING???? I told him that drugs weren’t my deal and he’d better do his ‘thing’ and put the bag away before the bouncer rocked up (which he did). I remember seeing him again that night with a couple of young chicks hanging off him and thinking “Christ, I’m recently single, is this what the dating world is coming too and more importantly, are these the types of blokes on offer?

I jumped on a motorbike with a Tinder date

Age 48, Small Business Owner, Mum of 3


I’d been chatting with a guy my age on Tinder for a few was going well, he was a cute surfer who lived in Byron Bay. After a few of weeks of banter, we decided to meet in person in Byron for a lunch date, which wasn’t too far from me as I lived on the Gold Coast. When I arrived he handed me a helmet and said ‘jump on we’re going on a picnic’. I wasn’t at all prepared for jumping on the back of a motorbike but I made a spontaneous, split-second decision to take a chance. It ended up being a pretty awesome date, in fact and it didn’t end until the next day! We went on to have a pretty casual relationship….he made it clear he wasn’t looking for anything serious. After a few months I met someone else but it was fun while it lasted.

After a great second date I made the first move

Media exec, Mum of 2, 48

Had been introduced to a guy through mutual friends and we were on a second date at the art gallery (great location for early dates BTW).  Neither of us were art experts but it was a fun day and gave us a chance to talk, and also stand close together in silence. After the art gallery we went to a bar by the river, had lovely lunch and got to know each other more.  I felt really comfortable in his presence.  Definitely a connection.

He drove me home and I asked him in for a was late afternoon so I figured it was safe territory.  After another couple of hours, I thought...I think he's nervous.  He had been married for over 20 years (as had I) and not dated previously (I’d only had a couple.  I had a large-ish glass of wine and got up and kissed him.  I think he was relieved, I know I was….it was a great kiss :)  The band-aid had been ripped off and we ended up dating for a couple of years.

I was caught by a workmate at a hotel after an impromptu sleepover

Mum of 2, single 5 years, age 47

I was on the third date with a guy who lived out of town and often stayed in the city at a 5-star hotel.  He was a lovely man and we had been out to dinner a couple of times and got on pretty well. For date three, I met him for a mid-week drink after work which led to dinner and then back to his room at his hotel room.  One thing led to another and I ended up staying over. The next morning,  I had to get up to get organised for work so jumped in the lift at the hotel...with my date who was heading to work.  The first morning after a sleepover is always I was not feeling as confident as I had a late-night before,   The lift doors open and standing in the lift was an interstate work colleague who I was due to meet for a breakfast meeting in an hour.  I felt like I was going to be sick.  Didn’t know what to say or where to I panicked and just introduced the date to my male workmate.  Not sure why.  As my date pointed out’s not unusual for two people to jump into a lift at the same time..I could’ve kept it cool and not shown my cards. The lift ride was long and silenced.  We didn’t have many more dates after that one. Hmmm.

Flying high then a crash landing

Mum of two, 48, single on-and-off for nine years

I’d been at a rugby match and then headed to a bar afterwards with some friends. I was recently new to the single scene after my marriage of seven years had busted up.

A really cute (much younger) guy started chatting to me at the end of the night before my friends and I jumped into a taxi to head home. We exchanged numbers and he said he was a pilot and would be having an overnighter on the Gold Coast in a few weeks time. Fast forward and he texts me to say he would be staying at Hotel X and would I like to meet him for a drink at 9.30pm? I did think the timing was a little late and also a bit concerned when I arrived at the hotel and he said come upstairs as drinks would be in-house... aka his room! I buzzed his room and we had a wine and then he went to the bathroom. I was completely gobsmacked when he walked out of the bathroom naked. Kaz - I think it would be good to add some detail here about what he said as he walked out.?? I told him that I was really tired and needed to head back to my Mum and Dad’s where I was staying the night (seriously, I WAS staying with the parentals). It really is a jungle out there!!

First date was more like a job interview

47, Mum to 3, single 1 year

One morning while procrastinating at work I jumped on Tinder for a sneaky peek..and ended up swiping right! The guy immediately sent me a message saying hi...within half an hour he asked what I was doing and if I wanted to meet for a coffee.  Thinking it was very fast, but what the hell were not too far from each other.

Upon meeting he was very polite and quite formal (I am quite relaxed so immediately felt a bit uncomfortable). When we sat down before I could even speak he started talking about himself, his ex-rugby career (how good he was), his expectations of life and business…(it was intense) - in fact like a job interview although I wasn’t asking any questions! The clincher was he said that if we were to go out again I must understand he spends most of his time with his ex-wife and kids and I would need to fit in with his schedule and that was just something I would have to be ok with!  I quickly said I needed to get back to work and politely left. I did not contact him again, but soon after he sent a few late-night booty call messages I deleted him. Maybe he was just after a girl on the side?!

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