Divorce Story

Divorce Story with Cass Thorburn & Annalise Dent

Season 2

Ep Title - Dating After Divorce

36 minute listen (not kid friendly listening)

A good one for those of us dipping their toes into online dating.

This is Cass Thorburn’s podcast (Karl Stefanovic’s ex-wife) and although we have not listened to the whole season...this episode piqued our interest. Some interesting points from guest Dr Nikki Goldstein around online dating and dating in general.

Dr Nikki explores Tinder vs eHarmony, dating for over 40’s and shares some great advice for those of us getting back on the dating bandwagon.

Towards the end of the podcast (around the 25 min mark), they speak to Claudia who is a self-described ‘Tinderalla’. Claudia’s honest & real approach was refreshing to listen to. She speaks about her first time having sex after her long term relationship, explains the terms DTF & DTR and shares her advice about dating with kids.

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